Importance of Branded Merchandise

Branding is much more than your company’s logo; everything from your website to packaging represent your brand. Your brand is your image, helping consumers connect to your company and quickly identify it. When you market that image, you build up your company and reputation.

Branded balloon boxes are a creative way of utilising the power of branded merchandise in promoting brand loyalty and brand recognition.

Man holding bright Light bulb referencing brand ideas

Why Branding Matters

Trust is something all brands strive for; it’s what keeps consumers buying your products after knowing your brand. It makes your business be associated with legitimacy and emotional responses. Have you ever driven past a McDonald’s and had a sense of nostalgia of your childhood? Emotional reactions like those are completely hardwired into your brain, which influence your buying choices. You might not like a certain cereal that much, but feelings of attachment due to good memories related to the brand might lead you to buy it.

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 Brand Recognition

A major goal of every business is to increase brand recognition to stand out from the competition and to be easily recognised by consumers. We instantly recognise brands like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, whose logos are ingrained in our brains. A logo is the “face” of your company, and branded merchandise like balloon boxes will keep your customers talking about your business.

If you own a small business or shop, your marketing budget is probably a modest one compared to a bigger corporation. Being able to reach a wide audience helps build your brand recognition and boost your profit.

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Alternate Business Card

A business card is still a very important feature for businesses; swapping digital contact information is impersonal, and a business card is a professional way of starting a conversation. Creative business cards cause a great impression, and they’re a first contact point with your branded products.

Having a branded balloon box is an eye-catcher; whether they are only at your shop as a special offer to your customers or at events. They are ideal for your stand at an event to catch prospective customers’ attention with the colourful balloon you can fill in real time. Your business’ name on the box? A perk that will help spread your brand!

If you would like helium balloon kits with your company’s name for your business, get in touch with us on 01843 220596 to speak to our friendly team. We’re always happy to help!