Four Creative Ways to Use Balloons at Your Wedding

Balloons generally conjure up the image of a child’s birthday party – a flustered entertainer skilfully twisting them into different animals for an eager audience. However, they’ve recently become a very popular addition to wedding decor.

Balloons are associated with happy and fun events, so why not use them on the happiest day of your life? After all is a party really a party without balloons?

Table Centrepieces

Balloons provide you with a creative and colourful alternative when it comes to choosing centrepieces for the tables at both your wedding breakfast and evening reception. You can choose colours that match your colour scheme so that they fit in well with everything else.

If you feel like they make everything look a little too “whimsical” you could always just include them on select tables – such as where the cards or presents go. We think they can look stunning over long tables, especially when held together with some string or garland.

Backdrops & Props

Giant balloons can be used as effective backdrops and props for your wedding – especially when having your official photographs taken. We love the giant balloon words and letters – you can spell out anything you want. A lot of couples opt for their names or words such as “love” – it will save you a lot of money when compared to hiring light up letters.

When it comes to using them as props during the photos, you have endless creative options. You could have them artistically staged behind you, or you could both hold a bundle of giant balloons in one hand each or how about releasing them as the photographer snaps away?

Young newlywed couple with balloons

Aisle Runner

Another way that balloons can be incorporated into your big day is through using them as an arch or aisle runner – depending on your venue and their restrictions of course. Tie them to each chair on the end to clearly (and creatively) mark out where the aisle is! You can use those that match your colour scheme, and they definitely work out a lot cheaper than using flowers!

Using them as an arch is a colourful way to decorate your reception venue – the guests will walk through it when they first arrive. They will also love it as backdrop for their photos during the evening. You might prefer to create a dramatic balloon arch to say your all-important vows underneath.

Pageboys & Flower girls

Your little pageboy and flower girl will love being given a colourful balloon to hold as they walk down the aisle. Bright and colourful balloons will really add a special and unique touch – it works particularly well for those getting married outdoors!

They can be any size, shape or colour, which means that you can choose the ones that best complement your wedding theme. We suggest asking them to hold on tight – you don’t want a breakaway balloon to distract the little ones!

girl with red heart.

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