5 Balloon Trends For Your Next Party

The internet’s full of fun and quirky ideas for decorating with balloons thanks to the rise of Pinterest and blogging. Here at Fill n Away, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you the coolest balloon trends of 2018.

Floating Balloons

Instead of being tied down with weights, the new floating balloon trend is really effective. Either let the balloons float to the ceiling as they are or attach ribbons to create a curtain effect. Helium is essential for this trend so get prepared with a helium tank. Another twist is tying photos or messages to the bottom of the balloon string so the room is full of dangling thoughts, perfect for a wedding or anniversary.

Confetti Balloons

Confetti balloons have taken the internet by storm, popular at weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, or any event that needs an extra little special touch. From tiny gold sequins to actual confetti to food sprinkles, it’s a great way to add some sparkle to your helium balloons. To make your own, use a funnel to fill your balloons with a little amount of confetti and then fill with helium. They’re also super popular with little ones to shake and play with.

Pretty Strings

The thin ribbon is a thing of the past. For awesome design points, get creative with what you use to tie your balloons. Use lots of lengths of long silver ribbon for a certain feel, or strips of fabric for some coordinating colour. For something totally unique, try using garlands of fresh flowers and leaves as balloon strings. Another popular trend is strings made from paper shapes cut out and sewn together, for a really bright fun statement.

Clear Balloons

A continuation of the confetti trend, see-through balloons are also getting really popular. If you’ve got confetti balloons obviously you’ll want to see what’s inside. But they’re not just for confetti balloons; clear balloons have a fun, unusual bubble-like appeal all of their own.

Customised Balloons

Make your event totally unique and customise your own balloon. Once you’ve filled your balloons with our handy helium tank, go DIY crazy. From pom poms to feathers, adding new textures to balloons is super on trend. You can also write on balloons to spell out messages, use a stencil for better results too.

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