4 Ways to Use Balloons for Your Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties are becoming increasingly popular, and why not? Having a baby is such an exciting time, and celebrating with your nearest and dearest is a wonderful way to look forward to something so special. The unveiling of your baby’s gender is much anticipated, and friends and family long to know.

So, if you are having a gender reveal party of your own, take a look at these four ways to use balloons to maximum effect.

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Can I Avoid That Sinking Feeling For My Balloons?

One of the saddest sights you’ll see is a wilting helium balloon. Once bouncing happily along, it starts to sink slowly towards the floor. So what’s behind that sinking? It’s something that you might have very little control over – the temperature.

To start your understanding, you need to go back to your school science lessons. A lot of people say “Helium balloons stay up because helium’s lighter than the air”, but that’s not scientifically correct. Imagine a train carriage, full of people. The people represent the gas molecules, and the train carriage is the inside of your balloon. In helium, the molecules are merrily walking around the train carriage.

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