Why Balloons are Perfect for the Grand Opening of a Business

The grand opening of a business is not something that should be taken lightly. After all, the success of the launch could lead to its long-term prosperity in the community. If you’re opening a new business – whether it’s a restaurant, shop or bar – you can kick things off on the right note by using helium balloons. Here are four benefits you can expect to enjoy by going down this route.


Yes, you’ll probably need to use conventional methods of publicity to get the word out about your new business before it launches. However, once you’ve opened the doors nothing turns heads quite like balloons. The inflatables are guaranteed to catch the eyes of both children and adults alike, so it’s an amazing way to get your name out there from day one.


It’s often a struggle for a new business to show some sense of personality. Due to this, customers and clients might find it difficult to know what you’re really about. Thankfully you can show some much-needed personality with the help of balloons. These will send the message that you’re big, bold and not afraid to make an immediate impact.


It’s always a gamble to open a new business. Luckily, there’s no need to spend beyond your means on the grand opening. After all, if you use balloons you’ll find that they’re so inexpensive that you don’t need to worry about going beyond your budget.


Your to-do list can show no signs of getting smaller as you near closer and closer to the grand opening of your business. This, of course, means that you could start finding yourself pressed for time. Thankfully, balloons are quick and simple to blow up if you use a helium tank, so you should have plenty of time spare to focus on other aspects of the business when it opens.

Good Luck

The grand opening of your business will no doubt be a roaring success if you’ve got helium balloons in the mix when you first open your doors. To get your hands on all the supplies needed to make this happen, contact us at Fill n’ Away.

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