Celebrate the Summer with Balloons

The summer is a time for celebrations – with so many different events and new life choices occurring during our sunniest season of the year. So when you want to show off those successes and exciting futures, why not opt to celebrate with balloons? Here are just a few ways these helium-filled, happiness-inducing decorations can be the perfect fit for you this summer.

Celebrate Those Big Achievements

Summer is the time when school is over for the year, and your little academics are finally getting the time to relax, unwind and get ready for the next chapter in their life – whether it’s going up a year, changing schools or even finishing with education for good with your not-so-little loved ones. Whether your child or relative is awaiting exciting exam results, waiting to hear whether they got into their first choice of University or finally finishing that much-deserved degree, showing how much you support and love them is essential.

Balloons are an excellent way to express your pride, letting your child know how happy you are that they’ve completed a challenging year and come out on top – or in some cases, to simply celebrate a hard time being over and done with, and to look to the future. A helium balloon kit can provide you with a quick and easy way to throw together decorations for events, and for those social media-conscious teens, be the perfect backdrop for countless ‘school’s out!’ Instagram photos.

Combine helium balloons with streamers and other easy-to-clean outdoor decorations to celebrate with an impromptu BBQ or go more structured with unique balloons, explicitly celebrating the achievements of your child, to show just how much you appreciate all their hard work this school year. Not only does a helium balloon serve as a lingering reminder, it also turns a casual event into something a bit more special.

Go Big With a Festival-Style Event

We’ve had the hottest weather in recent memory this year, with day after day of sunshine and blue skies. An outdoor event celebrating the start of the summer holidays is a perfect way to make the most of the weather, and helium balloons can be the ideal decorations for a beautiful day out, providing decor that’s easily movable and usable in different locations that still adds festival-style cheer anywhere you put them. A helium balloon kit can give a quick, easy and value-packed option when decorating for festival style on a budget, too.

Not only that, but helium balloons can be a beautiful addition to formal photography for any event if you want to make a big deal out of the day, adding some colour and flair to your photos as well as providing the perfect party favour for younger guests – after all, who doesn’t love a balloon? You can even offer custom balloons with your own slogan or theme as the perfect way to add some carnival fun to your event.

Go for festival-style by combining balloons with face-painting, liberal glitter and casual style to make for some truly memorable photos and an utterly stylish gathering. Celebrating summer has never looked better, providing the perfect opportunity for your children or teenager and their friends to let loose, enjoy themselves and forget about stressful school time.

A Simple Gathering With a Twist

If your child is on the shy side or is more a fan of the small family get-together, introducing a helium balloon kit can make their day a little more unique without all the fuss they’re not such a fan of. Decorating a room with balloons and providing presents and positive vibes can go a long way to making a small gathering into something magical, without pushing the boat out.

No matter what kind of event you’d like to celebrate this summer, whether it’s a raucous BBQ gathering, a festival-type do or a simple family get-together, helium balloons can be that added touch you need to make the day even more special for your child or teenager. Show your pride with bright colours, custom designs and more. Contact us today to find out more about our helium balloon services for your next summer event.

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