5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Balloons

The countdown to the new year is almost upon us; it’s out with the old and in with the new. New Year’s Eve is on its way and you should be preparing to celebrate this momentous occasion in style. If you’re throwing some kind of event for New Year’s Eve, whether a big party or a quiet dinner, your event could really dazzle and shine with the use of some balloons.

Balloons are incredibly versatile. Not only do they make great pieces of décor, but they can also be used to punctuate a main event, and what bigger event is there than New Year’s Eve? For your upcoming New Year’s Eve event, here are five ways that you can use balloons to really ring in the new year in style:

Happy New Year Balloons

Elegant Displays

For the more high-end party or sophisticated new year dinner event, you can’t go wrong with an elegant balloon display. With classic colour combinations such a black and white or silver and gold, helium balloons can be bunched together to create wonderful table centrepieces or pieces to frame doorways.

There really are no limits to the types of designs you can go for. You can use balloons in any colour to match your chosen theme, bunch them together or have them stand alone, you can include streamers and string, wrap the balloons around existing pillars or stair banisters, or even just completely cover the ceiling in floating balloons. Whatever the event or occasion, an elegant display of balloons can really make the décor pop.

Confetti Balloons

Another thing that screams celebration aside from balloons, is confetti. There is just something about being showered in confetti that brings out the excitement of a celebration. Balloons can be filled with confetti for a dazzling effect as part of the décor, and then the balloons can be burst to shower party goers in sparkling confetti. You can make your own confetti balloons by inserting confetti pieces into balloons before inflating them or buy them pre-made.

As the clocks strike midnight, have your confetti-filled balloons burst from above, raining the confetti down onto your guests, delighting them to no end. They will love the excitement of the sudden change and the bang will certainly punctuate the start to the year.

Confetti Raining on Party Goers

Giant Balloons

If your event is aiming to impress, consider balloons that are ginormous in size. Whether they float dauntingly above the party on the ceiling or form part of the décor, giant balloons certainly make an impression with their near ridiculous size. Couple this with the confetti-filled idea, and you could really have an incredible spectacle at midnight as the large balloons are popped and the confetti rains down over the guests.

Alternatively, you could have giant non-helium balloons roaming freely about the party, allowing guests to hit and throw them around the dancefloor, creating a fun party atmosphere for all.

Balloon Drops

Midnight striking on New Year’s Eve is the moment everyone looks forward to, so make sure your event gets it right. If your venue allows, you could hide balloons at the top of the ceiling and rig them to be dropped down below as the clock strikes midnight. Your guests will love the excitement of hundreds of balloons falling towards them as they cheer and celebrate the start to the new year.

2019 Balloons

You can’t go wrong with balloons that spell out the year. Whether it’s huge helium balloon numbers that float at the entrance to your event, or balloon headbands shaped to read ‘2019’, your guests will love the novelty of it all. It provides a fun visual element to the party; allowing party-goers to take selfies with the balloons to their heart’s content and share them on social media to let everyone know how much fun they’re having celebrating the new year.

2019 Balloon

If you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve event this year, make sure you really go all out for your guests to ensure they have a night to remember. For helium balloons, check out Fill n’ Away helium tanks; they are safe to use, user-friendly and cost-effective. Our helium canisters are recyclable and can be supplied with or without balloons.

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