Boost Your Branding with Personalised Balloons

In the world of business, your brand is everything. It’s the face of your business, it lets customers know what it is you do and serves as a visual ambassador for the whole company. You’ll want to get your brand out there as much as possible, so people know who you are and what you do.

Colourful Balloons

The more recognisable your brand, the more likely potential customers will think about your company when they’re looking for someone who provides your services. There are many ways to make your branding stand out. Your logo can be stuck on virtually any piece of merchandise and distributed far and wide to get your company noticed. One piece of merchandise you can get printed with your branding is balloons.

Here’s some of the reasons why personalised balloons are a great way to boost your branding:

Branding from Above

Probably the most fundamental advantage of the balloon as a branding tool is that, when inflated with helium, they float merrily above and can be seen by all. Whilst a table of branded pens and keyrings might be nice, they won’t be seen by anyone unless those people actively approach the table at an exhibition to have a look.

Balloons printed with your branding, however, will float high above to be seen by everyone. People will see your branded balloons and be curious about your business. The balloons will entice people towards your business and help raise your brand profile.

Great for Exhibitions

Exhibitions are a great way to get your brand out there and gain new customers. One sure fire way to do this is with some kind of branded merchandise that people can take from your stall, so they have a physical reminder of your company to take home with them, preferably with your contact details on there, too.

Balloons make a great addition to exhibition tables. Tables can be difficult to jazz up, particularly if your business is not the most exciting one. You might try a branded tablecloth and some kind of banner, but something I still missing… This is where balloons can help.

Balloons are bright and colourful; they draw the eye and can make any setting look immediately more done up and decorated. So, balloons tied to your table at an exhibition is certain to get your business noticed and have people approaching your table. Especially if there’s the potential that they will be given a balloon to take home.

Perfect for Giveaways

When celebrating a business milestone, putting on a grand opening or releasing a new product, giveaways are a fantastic way to maintain current customers and draw in new ones. It shows that your company cares about its customers, and giveaways help them to think about your business in a positive light that they will remember in the future when they need to enlist in your services again.

Branded balloons are the perfect addition to a giveaway. They can be tied to the handle of a giveaway bag that can be handed out; they make those gift bags look much more special and impressive. People just love balloons, no matter what their age they will be overjoyed to take home one of your branded balloons in a giveaway.

Subtle Branding 

Sometimes, you don’t want to unload too much branded merchandise onto customers for fear of coming across as pushy and putting them off. This can apply to both exhibitions and giveaways.

However, balloons can float freely from above, either as decoration or gifts, with your brand printed on them without seeming like it’s too much. Whilst your branding is displayed clearly on the balloons, they won’t feel overpowering as they hang in the air.

People will be so drawn to the balloons that they won’t even notice the branding at first until they come closer. With balloons, you can get some branded merchandise that doesn’t feel to customers like you’re trying too hard to push your company image onto them.

At Filly n’ Away, we can provide you with helium tanks and canisters to get those branded balloons up in the air. We also provide wholesale helium balloon kits, each kit comes complete with balloons, helium gas cylinder and ribbons suitable for advertising any business. You even have the option of receiving the kits in your own customisable branded boxes. Contact us today for more information.

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