Seasonal Balloons: Uses for Balloons this Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like balloons! Balloons can make wonderful additions to the décor to get a home or venue looking truly festive. Christmas is a time to deck the halls with holiday cheer and get everyone in the festive spirit, and what better way to do that than with balloons?

Here are some fantastic ways that balloons can be used at Christmas time:

Christmas Decorations

One way that balloons can sprinkle some Christmas cheer is in the home. Rather than just putting up a tree and some tinsel, why not get extra festive with a unique balloon creation for your house? Here are some ideas you could use:

Here are two beautiful balloon pillars that have been made to frame the front door. It’s certainly a great way to welcome visitors into your home over the Christmas period.

Tired of the same boring old plastic Christmas trees every year? Why not get creative and use some green balloons to make your tree? This creation is certainly a unique way to use balloons this Christmas, complete with a gold star on top and some smaller, white balloons for baubles.

Speaking of replacing greenery with balloons, how about a Christmas wreath made of balloons? It certainly makes a lovely, festive decoration for hanging above the fireplace.

Do you still want the Christmas cheer that string lights bring but without the wasted electricity? Then why not make your very own using some colourful balloons? With some simple balloons, cups and some string, you can create your very own festive string lights for your home.

How about something more unique and quirky, like this adorable holly made from green paper and red balloons? It is undoubtedly a subtle way to brighten up an otherwise plain wall in time for the Christmas season.

Or if you want to go a bit more out there, check out this full Christmas display made from white and blue balloons. This person has crafted their very own snowman, Christmas trees and snowfall from balloons alone. It certainly makes an eye-catching display to show off your festive cheer.

Christmas Displays

It’s not just homes that can use balloons to make beautiful decorations. Businesses can use Christmas displays to draw in customers. People love seeing festive decorations during December, so why not use some balloons to craft truly stunning, unique displays that are certain to wow? Here are just some examples:

Have a conference or some kind of event coming up? Why not consider what’s been done here and make a magnificent Christmas tree archway entirely out of balloons to show people the way. It will get everyone in the Christmas mood, and also acts as a great visual element to help show people where they need to go.

This wonderful shop display certainly gives off some festive cheer. The candy canes, snow, presents and Christmas tree is enough to get even the biggest Scrooge in the mood for Christmas, and it will no doubt draw big crowds inside to your premises.

If you own a shop, don’t forget to jazz the place up with some incredible balloon sculptures. This red and white festive lamppost certainly helps to create the winter wonderland fantasy in this shop.

Or how about this gorgeous, subtle window display? These Christmas boxes have been suspended with some balloons, creating a simple but compelling display that is certain to evoke wonderful Christmas feelings.

When in doubt, go all out! This business has created its very own winter wonderland entirely out of balloons. They have pillars, an archway, a Christmas wreath, candy canes, snow and so much more. This kind of colourful, visual display is sure to catch peoples’ eyes and draw them in.

Balloons certainly are a great way to create stunning displays and décor guaranteed to get anyone in the mood for festivities. Whether you just want to create personal decorations for your home, or promote your business with a festive shop display, at Fill n’ Away we can provide you with a disposable helium tank to get those balloons floating off the ground. We can also offer helium balloon kits that come with a helium canister and 30, 50 or 100 balloons. Contact us today for more information.

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