Helium Canister 100 Balloons

If your company wants to make a big impression at an event, you can do so with a Helium Canister & 100 Balloons kit from Fill n’ Away.

Whether it’s a store opening, a new product launch or a celebration, let your customers and employees do it in style with 100 helium balloons!

Our helium balloon kits come in three sizes. With our biggest kit, you get 100 eye-catching balloons and helium gas canisters that are safe and easy to use, not to mention incredibly affordable.

The ultimate deal for any large business promotion, this kit includes two canisters and 100 balloons. You will even get a price guarantee from us so you can create stunning décor without breaking the bank.

Customisable Helium Canister Balloon Kits with 100 Balloons

No matter where you are based in the UK, we can supply you with helium canisters and 100 balloons to use immediately. As well as your gas canisters and 100 balloons, you also get ribbons suitable for advertising any business, service or product. To top it all off, you even have the option of receiving your kit in your very own branded box. The box can also be used as a sizer to help ensure that all your balloons are blown up to the same size, so none become overfilled.

Perfect for All Occasions and Celebrations

For birthdays or weddings, shop openings or a corporate event, a helium canister and 100 balloons can transform any occasion into a true celebration. Tie them to chairs and tables, cluster them in bunches to draw attention or have them floating against the ceiling to provide a colourful backdrop to your venue. However you choose to use your balloons, they’re the perfect addition to any celebration or event.

Our helium canisters couldn’t be simpler to use, with exact instructions for operation and the most comprehensive safety advice included, you’re certain to get those 100 balloons up and floating in no time at all.

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Fill n’ Away have been supplying businesses with helium canisters for over 20 years, so you can rest assured that we always provide the right product to the right business right away.

For smaller-scale events, check out our helium canister 50 balloons kit and our helium canister 30 balloons kit.

Liven up any event, promotion or store opening with a Fill n’ Away helium canister and 100 balloons!

Please note that this 100 balloon kit is delivered with 2 helium canisters.

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