Refillable Helium Tanks & Cylinders - An Alternative

Adams Gas has been established in the Gas trade for over 20 years, supplying wholesale and retail customers and are able to provide any of your refillable helium tank and gas cylinder requirements. We are the ORIGINAL RENT FREE Provider.

Our refillable bottles, are hugely successful as an alternative to the disposable cylinder. Most of our stockists carry both options, which gives greater choice to the end customer.

The 2L cylinder is a great addition to the range of rent free refillable helium tanks which are available alongside the 9.4L and 20L sizes. The 2L fills 50 9” latex balloons. 9.4L fills 150 and 400 10” latex balloons from the 20L.

The main aim is for outlets to be able to offer an alternative to the disposable bottle, whereby retailers can offer the refillable option to customers who do not need the larger 9 or 20 litre sizes. Refundable deposits would be required in the normal way but still maintaining the rent-free gas option.

We can also supply the regulators for the refillable cylinders.

UK stockists may also be provided with a POS counter tray, which will display a 2L bottle and your own promotional leaflets.

For more information or any enquiries please get in contact with us today.