Helium Canister 30 Balloons

This 30 helium balloon kit from Fill n’ Away includes a helium canister and is ideal for any small-scale event.

If your business is celebrating a new product launch or an enticing special offer, you can get your customers excited and ready to celebrate in style!

Our helium balloon kits are available in three sizes, and with our smallest size of one canister and 30 balloons, even the strictest of budgets can afford to dazzle and wow with a fantastic balloon display.

A Fill n’ Away helium balloon kit couldn’t be easier or safer to use; you’ll have those 30 balloons floating in no time. And with our price guarantee, you can expect the best deal out there!

When you get your helium balloon kits from Fill n’ Away, you benefit from our 20 years’ worth of experience, and we can supply you with helium canisters and balloons no matter where you are in the UK.

Aside from the helium canister and 30 balloons, you will also get ribbons suitable for advertising any business, and even the option of having the kit delivered in your very own branded box.

For large scale events and businesses, we also have a helium canister 50 balloons kit and a helium canister 100 balloon kit available.

Make that promotional event come alive with a helium canister and 30 balloons from Fill n’ Away!

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