Helium Canister 50 Balloons

For companies looking to create the perfect celebratory atmosphere, a helium balloon kit can take your event to the next level.

If your business is opening a new store, launching a new product or offering an unmissable deal, you can get your customers in the celebratory mood with a Helium canister & 50 balloons!

With three sizes available, our helium balloon kits are the perfect way to create your very own fantastic, eye-catching displays. This medium-sized kit comes with a helium canister and 50 balloons for your event.

Our helium balloon kits couldn’t be simpler to use, and within no time, you’ll have your very own incredible balloon display to promote your business.

With Fill n’ Away, no matter where you are in the UK, we can supply you with a helium balloon kit. As well as a gas canister and 50 balloons, you will get ribbons that can be used to advertise any business. You’ll even have the option of receiving your kit in your very own business branded box.

We have been supplying helium canisters for over 20 years, so we have all the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your product is perfect for you and your business.

For small scale events, we have a helium canister 30 balloons kit available, and a helium canister 100 balloons kit for larger events.

Give your event a splash of life and colour with a helium canister and 50 balloons!

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