Why You Should Be Using Helium

Businesses can benefit from using balloons for a whole host of occasions, but if they are not using helium to blow up their balloons they definitely should be.

Helium balloons really are ‘top of the pops’ when it comes to decoration and can’t be beaten in terms of appearance and convenience. Here are just a few reasons you won’t regret going with helium.


Don’t Waste Your Breath!

There is nothing worse than being faced with blowing up dozens of balloons one after another. It’s especially a daunting prospect if you’re not one for huffing and puffing away. Think of your lungs! Why not save yourself the hassle and save your breath by using helium instead? The balloons can be inflated in seconds and will definitely add a certain flair to the decoration.

Helium is Actually Rather Safe

There are many misconceptions about helium’s safety. But helium is non-toxic and non-flammable. Businesses therefore don’t need to worry about fire hazards or people getting ill when they opt to use it.

balloons in sky

Prolong the Magic

Ordinary balloons are liable to become lifeless in no time whatsoever. Helium balloons have a much longer lifetime and can be used over and over again after being blown up.

Save Your Walls

Tape, tack or pin? No need! Whichever way you go, your walls will not thank you. Paper or plaster will undoubtedly suffer a hangover if balloons are fixed to them. The advantage of using helium is that the up in the air effect is achieved with absolutely no impact on your interior design.

living room

Helium is Easy to Store

Helium comes in a reasonably small container that is very easy to store. This means that it’s handy to grab next time you need to blow up your balloons for a special occasion.

Helium Makes A Lot of Sense

Using helium makes sense, especially when obtaining it from a company like Fill n’ Away. Fill n’ Away really can’t be beaten when it comes to offering portable, disposable and recycled helium balloons.

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