How to Use Balloon Decorations for Weddings

Balloons are a festive and surprisingly affordable way to decorate a wedding venue. Whether it’s with a grand archway or fabulous table centrepieces, balloons can be used in a multitude of ways to create sophisticated, stunning décor for your big day.

Bride and Bridesmaids with Balloons

Here are some examples of the kinds of wedding decorations where balloons can be used.

Entrance Arches

Balloons make fantastic archways, and every wedding needs an impactful entrance archway to set the scene for the event. Use balloons to match your theme or the season, like pastel colours for a spring wedding or dark red for winter. Consider incorporating greenery like ivory into the balloon archways to add an additional touch of elegance. Take a look at some examples:

This elaborate archway has been wound around the pillars of this entryway, combining them together. The stunning white and gold balloons give this entryway and elegant yet playful look.

This more colourful archway has been interspersed with flowers for a floral feel. The beautiful pinks certainly stand out against the white backdrop.

Table Arches

Aside from entryways, archways are also great for tables. It’s appropriate to have a backdrop over the bridal party or the cake table, to frame the celebrations. Again, have them made in your wedding colours to reflect the theme, here are some examples:

This food table has a bright, vibrant feel to it with these pink and white balloons incorporated with flowers. It frames an otherwise relatively plain backdrop to give the table a colourful backdrop.

This stunning balloon arch above this cake table is a truly sophisticated, beautiful decoration with its use of muted colours and green leaves. Confetti-filled balloons have also been used to add an extra touch of glamour.

Table Centre Piece

A wedding wouldn’t be complete without a table centrepiece. Why not use balloons as part of your table decorations? They add visual interest, and the height of the balloons draw the eye upwards, so you’re able to make the most out of reception spaces with high ceilings. Take a look at some examples:

These beautifully, sophisticated table centrepieces use greenery and flowers along with a single, large white balloon to really create a visual impact. It certainly fits in with the muted backdrop and minimalist décor.

Or why not incorporate the balloons into the seating arrangement? Here, the balloons have been numbered to correspond with the table number, offering a visual aid to help guests find their seats.

Ceiling Decorations

If you have ample space and a high ceiling, consider using balloons to help decorate the space so it looks fully decorated. Helium balloons are great for this as they float above the party, filling the space, or they can be placed in specific clusters to create a particular effect. Here are some decorative examples:

This ceiling décor has used a cluster of balloons to fill the space in the ceiling. The muted colours help create something visually interesting but without being overly distracting.

This venue has utilised the pillars in the room to create a garland that goes across the entire space. Soft colours have been used to create a beautiful but muted display.

Balloon Drop

Balloons at weddings don’t have to just sit in one place. The dance floor at a wedding could really benefit from a balloon drop. Hang some balloons from above with netting and have them released on the guests or the bride and groom for a fun twist to your reception decorations.

Here the balloons have been dropped on the bride and groom during their first dance, certainly a memorable moment for the new couple.

Alternatively, get the party rocking with a balloon drop while the reception is in full swing and the guests are dancing the night away.

Wall Display

Wall displays are perfect for the backdrop of photos, and balloon wall displays offer an exciting alternative to traditional fabric backdrops. Here are some examples.

This beautiful display uses white, silver and gold balloons along with a hoop to create a stunning, circular display that would be perfect for guests to be photographed in front of.

This display uses pastel coloured balloons shaped like a wreath, enclosing neon lights displaying the words: “Mr & Mrs”. This display is the perfect place for the bride and groom to have their first post-ceremony photo.


Garlands are beautiful decorations that can be placed in many different places all around a venue to cover up blank spaces or accentuate certain features of the venue. Here are some examples:

This already beautiful fireplace has been given even more pizazz with the use of white balloons and greenery to create a stunning garland.

This pink balloon garland has been used to frame a dessert table, creating a visually fantastic display.


For those wanting to add a little fun and whimsy to their big day, balloons are great for creating sculptures. They can be used to create virtually anything, which make them great for themed weddings. Here are some examples:

This balloon bride and groom make a humorous addition to any wedding and would undoubtedly be fun for guests to take photos with.

Alternatively, these adorable balloon swans certainly help set the scene of love and romance; they’re a simple and surprisingly elegant addition to any wedding. We hope this has inspired you to craft your very own balloon wedding decorations for your big day. If you need those balloons up and floating, at Fill n’ Away, we can provide you with a refillable helium tank so you can get those balloons off the ground. Contact us today for more information.

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