Handling Helium: Health & Safety

Non-flammable and non-toxic, helium balloon gas doesn’t react with other elements in normal conditions. Even so, knowing how to properly handle helium is essential, as it can lead to errors in judgement and fatal situations due to someone not realising its potential dangers.

As helium is used in many everyday situations, proper care and handling of helium containers is vital.

health and safety

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Event Planning: Important Things You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

No matter what event you’re planning, it’s important to cover every base. Usually, you will have some form of checklist to work from to ensure that you’re making all the right decisions and planning the right things.

However, even checklists can miss off some vital aspects to plan – have you got these on your list?

Maneger's conversations at the lunch

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A Balloon for Every Occasion

We are now in the new year, which is a great time to get yourself organised, whether that be in your job or in your personal life. This year could be a year where a lot of celebrations are in order!

At Fill N’ Away, we specialise in providing people across the UK with high quality helium gas canisters, whether they are needed for an office party or for any other celebration. However, you don’t need balloons just for that! Balloons can be used for every occasion and we know exactly what ones they are!

Office with a man holding a balloon

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