How Will Helium Be Used in the Future?

Helium is an element that is used all over the world; it is used in balloons from as small as those used at birthday parties, to those as large as blimps across the world. It is also used in science to cool certain elements and machines in order to change how they work.

However, with science becoming more advanced every day, helium is being used for other purposes too. So, how will it be used in the future?

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Using Helium as a Power Source

One thing that physicists all over the world are trying to accomplish is effectively isolating helium and using it to produce energy. The reason behind it is because the Sun uses helium to produce energy – the amount of energy produced is huge and it is one of the most efficient, clean and reliable methods of energy production; it is known as nuclear fusion.

For nearly half a century, scientists have been trying to create nuclear energy through the fusion of helium. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the correct facilities to maintain the extremely high temperatures and pressures required. However, that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be a possibility as a future energy source for the planet.

The Possibility of Mining Helium

We have always been interested in the Moon and the other planets in our Solar System; take Galileo and his keen interest in Jupiter. In the late 20th century, there were talks by various people suggesting that the Moon could be mined of its helium; when the Sun emits solar winds, it carries with it hydrogen and helium which can become embedded on the Moon’s surface.

Full moon and eerie white clouds against a black sky

After the talks, this sparked a serious interest in lunar mining. However, the interest and the implementation are two completely different things. By the looks of things, lunar mine is an incredibly difficult thing to do but in a few decades, it could well and truly be a possibility.

Applying Helium to Computing

This may seem very unusual at first, but helium is used is much more ways than just as a gas. Physicists all over the world use helium in cryogenics; helium’s boiling point is as low as -269°C, meaning that it can be used for ultra-cooling purposes.

This extremely cold helium, known as liquid helium, has been proposed to be used in the growing industry of quantum computing. With the advancement of technology, this could be one of the most popular uses for helium in the future.

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