Event Planning: Important Things You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

No matter what event you’re planning, it’s important to cover every base. Usually, you will have some form of checklist to work from to ensure that you’re making all the right decisions and planning the right things.

However, even checklists can miss off some vital aspects to plan – have you got these on your list?

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Depending on the type of event you are holding and how long the event will go on for, having refreshments can greatly enhance the success of your event. Everyone enjoys a free nibble or drink when they’re attending an event, so make sure you’re factoring some in.

fresh empanadas - traditional food on baking tray

However, it’s important to consider the dietary requirements of the people attending your event as the food that you provide may not be suitable for everyone. A great way to get a feel for whether anyone has any special requests is to ask them to reply to your event invite with their allergy or preference.

You should also think about the catering for the people who will be working your event – they need to eat, too!

Try and accommodate all your guests – it’ll make your event more successful!

Make a Schedule

You may have some idea of how you want the event to play out, but it’s important that you have some form of schedule in place.

Usually, event planners will have two versions of a schedule; one which is given to the attendees to alert them to the running of the event, and one for those working at the event so that they know what they are supposed to be doing.

With everyone knowing what is coming up, both attendees and workers and speakers will feel more comfortable – they’ll know exactly what is coming next and can be adequately prepared!

The Look of the Venue

Even if you’ve booked a fancy venue, it’s important to make it look special – you never know who has been at the same venue for a different event.

If it’s a business event, make sure that you’ve branded it adequately – whether it’s through promotional items on the tables for each guest or even just your company colours through the decorations, such as helium-filled balloons!

Colorful balloons of party in holiday - Vintage pastel tone

You don’t have to over-brand, but having something which changes the venue from just a room to your room for the evening is always a plus!

If it’s just an event for friends and family, you should still think of a colour scheme and plan the look of the room accordingly – how a room looks can drastically change how your guests feel and, therefore, determine the mood and success of the event.

Try and keep things consistent – clashing colour schemes and designs can often be offputting!

Event planning isn’t hard – it’s just important to ensure that you’ve covered everything you possibly can to make it a success! Don’t just stick with one checklist, others may have points which you wouldn’t necessarily have thought of!

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