4 Areas to Decorate With Balloons During a House Party

Balloons are your secret weapon if you’re throwing a house party. After all, they’re cheap, cheerful and guaranteed to be met with a smile. The question is: which areas of your home should you decorate with the colourful inflatables? Of course, there are no wrong answers because helium balloons look great everywhere.

However, here are four tips if you’re looking for some inspiration ahead of your house party.

Front Door

You can set the tone for your bash immediately by having balloons floating by the side of your front door. Guests will see these upon their arrival and they’ll quickly find themselves in the party mood. In particular, helium balloons are fabulous because they will blow playfully in the breeze as people make their way into your home.


The television should be off-limits during a party. Let’s be honest, people won’t be mingling and enjoying each other’s company if they’re sat watching the box. You can prevent this from happening by having balloons in front of your television. These inflatables will act as a barrier intended to keep the fun flowing.

Dinner Table

Unless you’re planning on slaving away in the kitchen, party food – which often includes the likes of sausage rolls and cocktail sausages – can look quite bland. Thankfully, you can add a touch of colour to the feast if you have balloons decorating the table. These will keep people’s moods high even as they chow down.

Open Spaces

Open spaces can be a real downer. After all, you can’t decorate them with banners or streamers. Luckily, balloons are ideal for filling these gaps. This is especially true for inflatables blown up with a helium tank because they won’t just lie lifelessly across the floor but will spring up into the air.

Be Imaginative

These four spaces are always handy to decorate at a party. However, when it comes to balloons you’re free to be as imaginative and creative as you want. All you need to get started is a helium balloon kit from Fill ‘n Away and you’ll be one step closer to throwing an amazing party.

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