5 Great Uses for Balloons at Festivals

A festival is a great way to bring the wider community together. Whether an event’s focus is on music, art or literature, organisers should recognise how integral balloons could be in putting a festival together. Why is this? Well, it’s not just that a helium balloon kit is affordable and easy to use, but also that balloons can be used in many different ways to make the event a success.

If you’re currently putting together a festival, here are five handy uses of balloons to consider.


The name of the game is always to put a smile on guests’ faces during a festival. While it’s quite possible that the entertainment alone will accomplish this, it can’t hurt to have a few handouts for people who attend. Balloons are a fabulous route to go down because they cost very little and can be pumped up effortlessly with the help of a helium tank.

With balloons being universally adored by all age groups, it’s safe to say that this simple gesture will likely have people coming back to next year’s event.


Balloons come in a number of colours, including pink, blue, red and green. You could, of course, mix these all together to create a vibrant bouquet of balloons. However, a better idea might be to establish a theme. For instance, you could just use blue and green balloons to create an earthy feel to the event.

This would provide some consistency and make things look very sleek. Meanwhile, if you hold the event next year you could go down a different route, perhaps with a more striking purple/pink colour scheme. Balloons are ultimately just another way to impart some more personality and character in an annual event.


Every event organiser always keeps an eye on the weather forecast as the event draws closer. After all, it takes just a trickle of rain or a gust of wind – especially during outside events – to throw the whole thing into disarray. If this happens, you might struggle to keep people’s moods up – unless you’ve got balloons at your disposal!

Bright colours have been found to improve a person’s frame of mind and reduce stress. Therefore, you can count on balloons to keep people feeling relaxed and happy during your festival. Its therefore a good idea to ensure that they are accessible in potentially stressful situations, such as places where people might have to queue for long periods of time.

Designated Areas

The order and flow of any festival is very important. In fact, it’s safe to say that chaos can ensue if careful consideration isn’t given to how people get from one area to another. You can help highlight the designated areas just by using balloons. For instance, red balloons might symbolise the toilet facilities, meanwhile, blue balloons could indicate a child-friendly area for people with kids. It’s just one way to ensure that guests aren’t wandering aimlessly as they try to find their way around the festival.


There should be fun around every corner at a festival. But how can you ensure this, especially when entertainment acts need to take breaks?  Instead of hiring expensive entertainment for every part of the day, why not organise some fun, interactive games that centre around balloons?

For instance, one possible contest could see players tasked with passing balloons between their legs without using their hands. It’s a fantastic way to have a laugh and keep the atmosphere going in-between acts. It’s also a very inclusive activity, so you shouldn’t have to worry about different age groups not being able to partake in the action.

It’s Time to Invest in Balloons

If you’re putting together a festival, then balloons really can help make it a roaring success. Just be sure to use these handy tips and don’t be afraid to think outside the box, because the opportunities really are endless.

For more information on getting your hands on helium balloons, contact us today at Fill n’ Away – we will be happy to help.

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