How to Use Balloons in Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for the whole family to get together, sit down to some delicious food and drink and bask in the warm glow of all the festive fun. Part of what makes Christmas so enjoyable is the chance to do up our homes for the holidays. The crisp scent of pine from the tree, the glittering tinsel and twinkling lights, all working in tandem to bring out the joy this holiday brings. And there’s one decorative element that just screams festive cheer: balloons.

People Having Fun with Balloons

Balloons have so many versatile uses for decorating a home or venue. They come in pretty much any colour and can be modelled, filled with helium or be bunched together to create wonderful displays guaranteed to bring out the Christmas spirit it anyone. Take a look at some ideas for how you can use balloons in your Christmas decorations this year:

Confetti Balloons

Nothing says Christmas like confetti! Balloons on strings tied together can make an effective decorative element, but with the addition of confetti it can really bring out the festive element. You can purchase pre-made confetti balloons or you can make your own using your homemade confetti which can then be funnelled into the balloon before they’re blown up with helium canisters.

Get some clear balloons and fill them with dazzling confetti like gold stars or silver snowflakes to bring out the Christmas feeling. Bunch them together with ribbons and hang them in the corners of rooms or to the handrails of a staircase so they can twinkle away and light up the room with cheer.

Balloon Wreath

Whilst you might opt for an authentic evergreen wreath for outside your front door, you can have additional wreaths inside constructed from balloons. They make great Christmas decorative elements with the benefit of being safer for homes with children. You can buy these pre-made or you can search for a tutorial online and construct one yourself. They are the perfect festive addition to hang on doors or the baluster of your staircase.

Table Centre Piece

Food is the main occasion of Christmas Day for some people. What better way to enjoy your Christmas dinner than on a fully decorated table surrounded by sparkle and cheer. Balloons can be used to make a wonderful centre piece for the table. Whether it’s a single floating helium balloon attached to the middle of the table with a weight, or a bunch of balloons intertwined together with ribbons and tinsel, balloons can take centre stage at your meal and really make the event feel even more Christmassy.

Balloon Christmas Tree

For some, the Christmas tree is the focal decoration they have up in their homes this time of year. But perhaps your home cannot accommodate a tree, or you worry about the mess of dropped needles or the tangle of wires that occur when you have an artificial tree. Well, if that’s the case you should consider a balloon alternative. Simply get some green balloons and various other colours to stand in as the tinsel and baubles and you can craft your very own hassle-free Christmas tree from the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, you can have your real tree as your main tree and make smaller balloon trees for other rooms of the house or for the children to have in their bedrooms to get them in the mood for Christmas.

Festive Bunting

Streaming the walls in your home with bunting can really bring a room to life, so why not think about using balloons to achieve this look? With some string and colourful balloons, you can create your very own Christmas inspired bunting. You could use long white balloons to craft some make-shift snowflakes to hang across the walls to create your very own winter wonderland. Alternatively, you can use some colourful balloons and cups to make giant Christmas lights to rival the tiny ones hung up in your tree.

Get creative with balloons this year and bring your home to life with the spirit of Christmas. Balloon decorations also make a great craft project for you to work on with the children to get them in the mood for the festivities. You can purchase individual helium canisters for balloons from our sister company, Adams Gas, or wholesale helium canisters for large scale events from us. From everyone here at Fill n’ Away, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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