10 Fundraising Ideas for Comic Relief

With Comic Relief just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about ways that your workplace/school/church can get involved and raise money. Last year’s Comic Relief raised a staggering £76 million – all money that was put to work transforming lives across the UK and the world’s poorest communities.

Comic Relief

A lot of that money can be attributed to the thousands of people across the UK running their own fundraisers. There are so many fun and unique ways that people can get involved with Comic Relief, here are just ten ideas that you could utilise this year to raise money:

1 – Office Bake Off

Everyone loves The Great British Bake Off! This is one is perfect for an office environment. Commission as many people in the office to bring in their own home-made baked goods to sell throughout the day and assign one lucky individual to do the all important taste test. Make sure you hold back a piece of each cake to be pitted to the test, and don’t forget to give out the crucial Paul Hollywood handshake to the winner.

Bake Sale

2 – Guess the Baby

Certainly one to get everyone in the workplace falling about laughing, the guess the baby game is a fundraising staple. Get everyone to bring in a photo of themselves as a baby and pin them all to a big board. Charge a small fee for people to write down their guesses for who’s who and the person who manages to get the most correct wins a prize.

Old Pictures

3 – Sponsored Run

If you’re not a big exercise fan, you’ll be surprised how willing people will be to fork out money to sponsor you for doing something like a sponsored run. Lots of sponsored runs take place all across the country, and you’ll be able to take advantage of social media to gain sponsorship from your friends and family. Alternatively, you could set up a treadmill and aim to run a certain distance (you could even set up a live stream so donators can see how it’s going).

Sponsored Run

4 – Work Pyjama Day

If your workplace is a stickler for formal dress, why not talk to your boss about everyone coming into work in their pyjamas for Comic Relief? Everyone can pay a small amount to do so, and if you work alongside other companies you can ask for donations from them.

Pyjama Day

5 – Host a Raffle

A raffle is a fun way to raise money that people enjoy as they get the chance to win something. Gather some fantastic prizes; you can ask local businesses if they’d be willing to donate to your charity raffle. Places like a spa might be willing to donate a voucher for a treatment, or a local theme park might donate some tickets. Charge a small amount for a strip of raffle tickets, gather everyone together and raffle off your amazing prizes.

Raffle Tickets

6 – Lunch and Learn

For the workplace, find someone who has a skill they can share or a good life lesson to teach and ask if they could run a talk. Invite your work colleagues along at lunchtime to attend the talk for a small donation. You’ll raise a bit of money and get a good learning experience to boot.

Lunch and Learn

7 – An Office Quiz

Office quizzes are a great way to have fun and they also function as a good team-building exercise. Charge a small fee to enter, split people into teams and get the quiz underway. You can find plenty of general knowledge quiz questions online, or you could even ask people to submit interesting facts about themselves, mix them up with some amusing lies and have everyone try to separate the truth from the lie.


8 – All-Day Cycling

Get an exercise bike and see how long it takes you (or a group of people swapping out) to cycle the equivalent distance of somewhere in your local area. Or even take it further and have the cycling going on all week and see if you can get to the other side of the country. Anyone taking part can ask their family and friends for a sponsorship and you can document the ‘journey’ on social media.


9 – Come Dine with Me Lunch

Take advantage of the rivalries that exist between your workplace departments and challenge each department to host a lunch for the rest of the workplace. Everyone who takes part can pay a donation for their lunch and give it an overall score out of ten. You can do a lunch every day for the week and at the end of the week announce the winning team who got the highest score.

Come Dine with Me at Work

10 – Jailbreak

If you’ve got a well-connected employer, have them put their powerful connections to good use. Lock them in a boardroom with nothing but their mobile phone and don’t let them out until they have managed to raise a certain amount in donations from their contacts.

Boss on the Phone

There we have it. If you want to raise money for this year’s Comic Relief you’ve got until the 15th March. If you need any promotional tools for your fundraising event, such as balloons, Fill n’ Away can supply you with helium canisters to help get your fundraising event off to a flying start.

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