Balloons and the Environment: How to Enjoy Balloons Responsibly

Balloons are a fantastic addition to any party or big event; no festivities are complete without them floating merrily in the background, creating the perfect party atmosphere. However, as more and more news articles circulate highlighting the dangers of plastic making its way into oceans and the stomachs of marine life, it’s important to enjoy balloons with environmental responsibility in mind.

Balloons After a Party

You don’t have to abandon balloons for good. Provided you plan ahead and keep sustainability in mind, there are ways to minimise your environmental impact without giving up on your favourite party staple. Here’s how you can enjoy balloons responsibly:

Use Biodegradable Balloons

Balloons made of materials and components that stick around in the environment are a huge problem. Make sure you buy balloons that are biodegradable, such as one that are 100% natural latex – although be aware that some people can be allergic to latex, so make sure you let your guests know prior to your event so they can take precautions.

Of course, using biodegradable balloons doesn’t mean you should still release balloons irresponsibly. Biodegradable doesn’t mean it instantly decomposes. A latex balloon can take anywhere from six months to four years to biodegrade, meaning it can still wreak havoc in the environment in the meantime. So, make sure you hold onto those balloons and compost them yourself when you no longer need them.

Reuse Your Balloons

Alternatively, why not do good for the environment and save yourself some money by reusing your balloons? Balloons that haven’t been popped can be untied, deflated and put away for future use. This includes the likes of foil balloons, that merely need to be re-topped with helium to get them up and floating again.

If you’re in the habit of blowing up balloons for parties on a regular basis, you could stand to save some serious money by buying good quality balloons that you can use time and time again. Just make sure you’re always supervising children around balloons, so they don’t try to pop or release them.

Weigh Helium Balloons Down

Always keep helium balloons tied and weighed down, whether it’s with an individual weight or keeping them tied to a table or chair. This will prevent them from being released into the sky where they can go on to cause damage to the environment and wildlife.

Pop and Dispose of Balloons Correctly

If you can’t reuse your balloons, or they’ve been popped during the course of a celebration, make sure you gather all the bits of the balloon to dispose of. Leaving balloon fragments in the environment, even ones that will eventually biodegrade, can harm wildlife, such as animals that may swallow them. Always ensure you collect your balloons at the end of an event, pop them safely indoors and dispose of the pieces.

Balloons on a Beach

Do Not Partake in Balloon Releases

It is highly recommended that you do not take part in balloon releases. While they are traditionally something done to mark a special occasion like a wedding or a memorial, balloons releases are terrible for the environment as the balloons will eventually land in the sea and be consumed by marine life. Instead, keep your balloons grounded and dispose of them correctly after the festivities are over.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to balloons releases for an event, you could try the following:

  • Plant flowers/trees in remembrance
  • Flags, banner and streamers
  • Kites
  • Bunting
  • Pinwheels
  • Wildflower seed bombs
  • Lighting candles
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Origami

Balloons are a great way to celebrate and are certainly a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember never to release balloons into the atmosphere under any circumstances. When you plan your next event, make sure you plan in time and organise resources to responsibility dispose of or reuse your balloons so you can do your part for the environment.

A Woman Holding Balloons

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