How to Decorate for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and for those who flourish during this, the spookiest season, it’s time to dust off those skeletons, buy a shop’s entire supply of black card and hunt for that red food colouring in the back of the kitchen cupboard. Forget Christmas, October is the month for celebrating the holidays.

Happy Halloween

If you’re new to the world of Halloween décor or are just looking for some new ideas to get your spook on this season, here are some creepy ways you can do up your house for October 31st that won’t break the bank:

Halloween Garland

Looking for a cheap yet effective way to make your home look welcoming to creatures of the night? Well, with some orange and black card you can cut out your very own DIY Halloween garland. Simply cut some chilling shapes, like bats, cats and skulls, attach them to some string and voilà, a simple yet striking way to do up your house this Halloween.

Creepy Door Wreath

If you thought door wreaths were just for Christmas, think again. They’re not just mildly morbid religious symbols meant to remind us of sacrifice; they can also be covered with creepy critters and black glitter so everyone knows just how much you love the scary season. With some pound shop skeletons and pumpkins, black ribbons and sticks, you can easily build your very own Halloween wreath.

Spook Up Those Pillows

Handy with a needle? Take some old, plain pillows and transform them into décor that is worthy of the spooky season. Add some ghosts, spiders, creepy slogans or anything you like! They’ll make the perfect addition to those sofas, getting everyone in the mood for trick-or-treaters.

Haunted Tea Towels

Looking for a subtle way to show your appreciation for the holidays but don’t want to go all out with skeletons, spider webs or witches’ brooms? Well, you can pick up some amazingly spooky Halloween-themed tea towels from shops like TK Max which are perfect for using in the kitchen during the ghostly season.

Garden Gravestones

A great way to give your garden a Halloween edge, and scare those unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, is to turn your front lawn into a resting place for the damned. Gravestones can be easily made from plywood, or even from an old chalkboard (which makes it easier to write your victim’s names on). Plant them in the garden for maximum spooky effect, but just hope that no one decides to rise from the dead this year.

DIY Chandelier

Sometimes Halloween décor can stray into the realm of tacky, but you can put that worry to bed by transforming your chandelier into a Halloween-lover’s dream. With some simple additions like Halloween ornaments you can find in any pound shop, some black lace, beads and various spooky accompaniments, your chandelier will turn your home into the mysterious castle you’ve always dreamed of.

Put up a Spooky Gallery

Forget those boring, non-scary family portraits, take them down for the spooky season and get yourself some more appropriate, creepy-looking family members. Or better yet, have your family pose for some creepy photos and put them up around the house throughout October to give your unsuspecting guests the chills. Don’t forget to hang them slightly at an angle to make them even more unsettling.

Ghostly Balloon Display

Balloons make the perfect spooky additions at Halloween. Whether it’s pre-made Halloween-themed balloons blown up for a party, or a large balloon archway designed to give guests a frightful welcome, balloons are incredibly versatile way to get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

Or why not really aim to give your party guests something they will remember with some unusual ghostly spirits floating above their tables. With some simple helium balloons and some white tissue paper, you can easily craft some spooky apparitions that are certain to frighten your guests.

This Halloween make sure you deck out your home in style for the season. It’s super easy to craft your very own low-cost decorations that will have even the bravest of your friends and family shaking in their boots. And if you want some balloons for your next Halloween party or event, Fill n’ Away can provide you with a disposable helium tank, helium canisters and even balloon kits complete with helium tank, balloons and ribbons.

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